Wednesday, December 4, 2013







We did other things in the barn during summer
including the annual Marla concert

The Fuglestad Reunion
100 of us

A very big and fun BIRTHDAY PARTY for me on my 80th
again 100 strong

and now I should go to bed after only being home this noon from a week in VA with
Sophie (Fargo)
Ozzie (Chicago)
Bjorn (Harrison,Va
at my Lisa's house which I hadn't seen in the year since she moved there a
short distance from the place she rented for 13 years
both in Arlington

so good night
I'll be back

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Can you believe that I am sitting at my computer
with a short addition

Forgive me that there has been an hiatis (sp)
of major proportions
since my last insertion in June
time has been


so just hang in

Thanksgiving for me and granddauhter Sophie will be in 
Virginia...where her mom and my daughter Lisa lives
I used to go there every year..but in the last
have it's time
altho last Sun I did have a Thanksgiving with 17 others at the home (and 
Beaver Creek B&B)
of Kevin and Shelley Wold
their family with special "friends" is 16
some of which are 4 greatgrandchildren of mine
and the other grandma .
..thus the #18

Happy Thanksgiving
 to any who read this


Sunday, June 23, 2013

and a good Sunday to you
this day has the sound of grass being cut 
no wonder as it grows inches by inches without let up
must share news of new 60" cutter which is making happy Greg
neighbor and faithful driver of said item
happier than before

did do fun workshop called...(after the fact)
English Paper Pieceing
our teacher came with samples books materials  such as proper needles
all kinds of cutters for quilting plus self healing boards 
upon which to cut using
also fancy measuring boards in
I have since invested

so when next to meet? I'm thinking Fri afternoons 1: - 5:
with break as needed for nourishment?
and we could even fit in 30 min for TaiChi?
or 2 workships at once..the barn is big..
let me know if you see this

next big event is another concert on Sat eve the 13th of July featuring the 3rd annual

Marla Fugderud     singing in English this year

will fill in name of accompanist soon 
do know he is a world traveler

hold your breath 
all for now

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Sampling of Workshops Held in the Barn

Pillow-making Workshop:

Placemat Weaving Workshop:

Basket-making Workshop:

Pottery Workshop:

Wreath-making Workshop:

Paper-making Workshop: 

Tai Chi Workshop:

PA system available for workshops:

Clavinova for Workshops:

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Soon I will be back    Anna does  miracles  bye

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This night is full of snow betwist the barn and me, so even though in the recent blog I mentioned that most probably the white world would be melted or nearly so, it is ever so much worse than it was when I described the little fellow from Kansas high on a snow mountain.  The only path I have had the vigor to shovel, is a short one to the cat domain.

Luckily my neighbor Jennifer is more vigorous than I and pulls on her very high boots in order 
to trudge all the way back to see what the chickens need and also to collect another half dozen eggs.
I am grateful and believe the nine hens and Champ the rooster are as well.

I can get out of the carport and down the road because neighbor Jim Miller dug me out last Monday after many inches fell and mightily blew in and around poor me and poor house.
However the heavy white stuff was too much for my tractor and he had to quit, which is why I can't get to my barn.  Just maybe my grandson Sam will ask for jump start and will drive up here from Valley City where he is in school so I can get some snow moved and even a couple other jobs like the stinky stuff in the coop scooped out and over the fence.  That would alleviate the heady feeling one gets from opening the door on these above freezing days. 

One day at a time is the game I play.

Last weekend my guests were a couple from Grand Forks who arranged sitters to care for their four children six and under, so they could recoup a bit.
There was another couple from Aberdeen, SD who were in similar need of R&R due to their work involving church youth by the dozens and counseling through county police work.

Once again I heard stories of other folks who live a day at a time.

My fireplace burned full time and made good use of the pile of wood stacked on the porch by the guys a couple weeks ago..It is not there now.  Only hours after they drove out of the circle I heard the howling wind that filled the monstrous piles of snow in and around us for the following 24 hours.
  This can't be April!  But it is.

I wait to see.

my best to you all

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Almost Easter

Here goes some info from the BARN...
Do you know what snow mtns look like at the end of March? 
 I do
Nils age four climbed to the top the other day
and he was way up high
loved it....can't do this in Kansas
where he lives and where he returned to the next day
after a spin thru snow
 on a sled behind racing dogs
which he liked so much he asked if he could keep going
sure nuf 
hung on for another hour til his toes got pink

We were moving the white stuff in order to
make room for the cars that would be 
needing to park somewhere
forty folks were being delivered to the BARN for
the groom's dinner to be eaten
around tables decorated in pink and white for a wedding
next day
come to think of it we used the bride's colors for the groom's dinner
never mind
they're married now and will share more than colors 
fun fun fun
 music of all kinds  to make me happy using the great piano I told you
about last summer

BUT I think you've not heard about my Jim's TEAC tape to tape recorder
which we took to Rusisa in mid 70s
 for recreation
while we lived in the embassy in Moscow for two years
(taping borrowed LPs of pop ...Russian...whatever)
and which is hooked up for background or dancing or listening
so...I set up a few hours of Perry Como
who sings great love  songs
just for the mood I wanted that night

WELL  that's my say for tonight
Goodnight... til the snow melts and I have more to say

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ideas chat

Hello everybody
this is me
and I just feel like connecting via this avenue
which looks kinda new for my blogging

experimenting is what I want to want
now it is time to mention the snow outside isn't it?
I followed the deer tracks all the way to the burning
barrels this early afternoon
and there were tracks also made by Shelley last week
when she was helping me get down and out 
the christmas tree from the music room

I'm leaving the snowman/winter tree until the snow is
gone for good
that tree is so cute it deserves to stay year round
except I'm afraid I need the space on the 
table in the library which is where it is

the workshop this Saturday afternoon is WWW which
translates - Wining (or whining) Women Writers -
should I just read few 2013 blog entries?
good idea since so far I've not written anything
but lists for months
we can cheat any choose to read any thing we like
if we dare

Thursday, February 21, 2013

February is nearly gone

So here we go!

Hi you all have inches or feet of snow?  Here around the farm
it's a combo...the paths to animals are inches...whoopee..and east side of barn is more
like I'm expecting that a month from now when we will be thinking
about parking for a groom's dinner...guess what would be nice?  less snow... and 
melting and warmer temps..altho today it got all the way up to 20 where it may stay
 for awhile.

This past paragraph doesn't sound like my usual banter... does it? More like the
coffee guys down at the Co-op or the Coach...

However..I care about as much as anyone that my getting in and out of this driveway
will be possible when the need that must mean that the 30 plus years I've
lived here have made their mark on me...

When grandson Oz was here at Christmas..he talked me into trying ads on facebook
and then he went back to for the times I'm being reminded by the 
powers involved that the weekly  words should be written.......he isn't here to make 
it clear to me...what to do when they say to me.."what do you want JoAnne" do they know my name?   Hopefully ...soon the $100.00 bucks will be
 spent...and I will be at peace...Is there any way to quit facebook? must
have been a hundred friends wanting whatever...even Ed Shaefer...what can I say?
except to "thank" Jonas who seems the instrument in quite a few of these total 
strangers only he knows...again I am flumoxed into another YIKES...

Since I've been awake since 4:00 AM...I will say goodnite  til soon when I might have
something to say..JoAnne

Thursday, January 31, 2013

it is cold here - minus 20 for a couple days
with no snow last year
this covering of a few inches
feels more than enuf
do want the days to stretch longer 
a little more quickly than they have so far
not that I can do a thing about this
wait and wait
have i forgotten my intention to make use of these
dark short days
my desk my garage my old basement have
been entered in my journal
to remind me
is for making up the inner loss during summer
that is of course we cook and eat
and the green green grass covered by playing 
kittens and kids
and me
go outside to the outer world
outer summer
inner winter
now i will this day throw papers in the trash
and i will file all papers to do with the death
of my brother ralph and even look for some
pictures of him
i will do this before the bright sunshine goes to California
where it is always an outer world
wish me luck - bye

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good Day To YOU   This is the first of the first of the new year   the last days have been full of family giving me help with the animals as well as ideas for the barn as pertains to this method of transmission   to you   from me   and I am so mizzable with illness that I have not successfully played Cribbage with g.s. Ozzie  meaning no wins   then in walked g.s.Thomas with whom I played a success  now I'm getting well   sort of 

We have put the barn with workshops on a 'Facebook page inc photos and  many better info possibilities for the year   for instance we have a new movie of "East of Eden',with Jane Seymour, coming   and the "Journals of writing The   Grapes of Wrath"  this with intention of getting started at last with Steinbeck in August   discussions in particular among all wildly addicted readers of JS

And since we now have the piano   there will be music in as many forms possible   along with return of Marla Fugderud in English   she says she will prove this July that Norse isn't her only singing language 

Oh   and yesterday we designed and ordered 500 brand new Business Cards
which I will pick up tomorrow   it's been a long time without   in fact 10 yrs   or in other words   since Jim died   I'm open to congratulations

Picking up   the parties mentioned last post went off as planned   the newly wed 12 12 12 couple were dutifully recognized with the intended tall goblets  raised to enjoy the glitter of diamonds too numerous for an easy count    music blended well  thanks to Thomas Anderson and guitar  once again warming us on a Chilly Winter Night   

I want to at last give news that in our barn we have not only now installed a needed PA system which will serve many purposes but also Jim's Teac from the 70s era and his self taped series made on bleak nights in our Embassy Apt  in Moscow USSR 1975-1977   these were taped using borrowed lp's from his troop's collections   and they are fun dancing background  

Nope   the Cats and Chickens are hungry and thirsty and without Ozzie bye for now   enjoy FaceBook Page Likes  JoAbigail