Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Day

At least I hope it is a good day for anyone who is looking at this.
I am connecting with you by trying to make my wishes for this coming year come to life on this page.
Wishes for me and for you. I,m satisfied to tell you that I have ideas and plans that only God as given me and only He can bring to fruition. Do you feel that way? The impossible can become possible. I am the person who can say this with living conviction and experiences since my husband Jim passed out of my life.
I'm in a really new place due to God becoming my "sidekick" and showing me He is ready and waiting to give and care before I could even dream of what has happened in the last six years.
The barn is only a beginning of this story.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

So HERE is my blue. It showed up on my third try. (I need blue since it is the color I use for inspiration in the barn). Oh well, persistence is the reason for all we accomplish in life.

Now my need for persistence is the calendar year of workshops in 09. The one thing I know that we will be doing, is the second Wednesday in August the barn will host a 5 day John Steinbeck Fiesta. We will do theater, readings, discussion, spending time out in the field, eating, feeling the dry air of North Dakota in August, maybe even sleeping out in that air.

Probably September might be more dry, but the summer is better than the fall to get together with folks who teach when Sept comes. We hope to have some of these experienced Steinbeck experts along with us for our benefit.

After all, CA is dry in summer so that is why Aug in ND seems the time to do it. If you like JS, let me know. I do have limited B&B space for eating and sleeping. It is my decision to keep the number of attendees to 12 or under. I have not formulated the cost as yet. It is different if you are here as B&B, or driving in each day from whereever.

This idea changes if we have theater or movies.

JS wrote two books that we will concentrate on this summer. THE MOON IS HIGH, and MY RUSSIAN JOURNEY. The first takes place in Norway and I am Norwegian. The second takes place in the cities where I visited while we lived in Moscow from 1975 to 1977. Please keep this in mind if you're interested.

Enough hard work for tonight. I will sign off. JoAnne of Volden Farm Bed and Breakfast. website And my Email is