Saturday, August 30, 2014

fixing a lost post

How sad that this white box ran out of strength just as I had gotten started on a new blog in which I was busy describing the last event in the barn.  I halfway am waiting for those words to pop up 
any minute...esp as I see that my command to return to the middle of the page is
not working without my taking over.

Well, the concert with Marla and her rendition of Irving Berlin
was fabulous..too sad that we didn't get it on tape..I would watch
it and watch it again and again..she put history into the pauses
so that we learned much that we would not have heard before.

Beside those thoughts..I must add the tears that came into my eyes
as I had Jim in my" hearing - listening"  to 
all the songs we had loved
together for so many years.  How he would have loved
being part of the joy we all why don't we repeat it

and the year after

now that is not a bad idea

Actually, the barn is a good space for acoustics! We must use it in other venues.


Today is the first day of hunting season so I do a dinner tonight at 9:45 PM as I did last night.
And breakfast will at 9:45 AM tomorrow as it was this morning...seems that the white tails so far are a little too young...but Mike Harrison from Plynouth, MN has several more days in which to aim his bow and arrow (actually he only aims the arrow) so patience is required at this point.
I now have til Dec with here and there weeks of hosting ..and that means cooking plus!!
And I enjoy using the farm for this interesting purpose.

Looks like maybe I'll be shut let me say quickly that after 2 months the healing is encouraging.
I'm doing all I can...icing...excercising..etc so that at some point i'll expect to say..."wow, I'm glad I got this new knee"

goodbye for now