Tuesday, November 2, 2010

By the way, I probably have never told you that the major color of my barn workshop,"haymow", is this same blue that I use to write to you about my barn...it puts me in the mood somehow...
The other thing that I must talk about is the disappeared brown panels that were in my heading until recently...well I just found out that they get dropped by whomever when it is deemed they are out of style???DUMB

My blog helper, Caristy Olson, is leaving Cooperstown where her husband John is our pastor, and will be living in Taiwan.  I hope she will give me some final tips before she goes...John will be an English speaking pastor in our Mission area there.
I wish Caristy could do  panels of my photos of the work we have done in the barn...but that may not be possible...I can just make such photos part of the message ...we'll see..

Sooo..do you like the paragraph style I 've started?...it seems I can get more said in a shorter time...

AND I HAVE A NEW GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER....BORN 10 23 10...HER NAME IS REESE ABIGAIL ROEDER...and that is special since my middle name is also Abigail...as was my mom's mother...and since I've introduced the fact that I have family..I may as well say that I have a GREAT GRANDSON who is already two years old...his name is KAJ DELYS NAUJOKAS...
seems we have left "MARTHA" and "ROBERT" in the dust...yes?

Nope...now is the time to do supper for the hunters...bye and thinks for listening..JoAnne

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well here I am again in the month of Sept mind you...and altho I've been asked to put a few pictures of the progress in building the barn bathroom and kitchen on this blog...I need help to do that and help is hard to find due to the fact that most people I know do not have Mac...
however my report is more than .. fine as regards the new rooms...I am thrilled to tell you that they were done by my son Kevin with planning by both of us...in about 5 weeks...and exceed any of my expectations...took a shower in the new bathroom this morning and it was very workable...we are waiting to get the dryer exhaust through the cement wall...so although I threw my towel into the washing machine (in the barn bathroom that is) I need the dryer vent for that...
Hunters start again on Thurs...day after tomorrow...some of whom have been here other years and who will be happy about making their coffee at 5:00AM out in the cosy sweet mini kitchen...where I've been happily doing my last 3 crossward puzzles sitting at a table we brought from my dad's office in Altadena CA...it has been in an old granery changed into a cathouse..at present 11 of same inc 4 two wk old kittens...such a story...but will leave that alone for now...

Granted... all I've just written may confuse you...I only hope it will spike your curiosity to intend to follow any plans for music or quilting or the always expected John Steinbeck promised events...

Truth be told...there are ideas put on a backlist til the facilities were improved and now they are...so when the new year comes there will be plans unfolding ... retreats and festivals and more...
time for shuteye...hope you feels encouraged...JoAnne...I do

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I guess it has been awhile...now is a momentous time to say a few words about the barn itself since I've been at a standstill with regard to workshops...with more important work in progress...there are walls going up on a new sturdy floor made of wood from the old school in Cooperstown which was torn down last winter...wood 2" thick...12"wide...24 'long...so the two new rooms within the 24 ' are a bathroom and a kitchen...to be....soon!!!...hunters arrive tomorrow so the ones later will be able to use the facilities...not these first three from Louisiana...boohoo
will keep you informed as to when the 24' bunkroom space devided into two rooms will start...sleep two bunks will be available when finished..using some old windows from the Law Office which were saved during the upgrading for new occupants there...do you have questions about that???...come and see... the center of the downstairs will not be heated but I want light to flow into the heated spaces we're creating so ..thus...the windows..Kevin (my son) is patient about all this...give him credit!!!...
lately I don't like periods or caps so do be patient with me...bye for now...me

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This past weekend Kevin and Eli and Sam put the planer
to the boards for the floors of the bunk room, bath, and kitchen
of the barn...
now these boards are fir...old...2" by 12" by 24 '...and it 
was a considerable learning experience...as in...
there are 20 of these and they finished 4! 
luminous..is the finished product at this point of the process...
and when a glistening coat of protection is applied...
you will no doubt come from far and wide to look!!!
They were saved from the demolition of the Cooperstown
grade school from early 1900's. 

Today Kevin called to talk about the shower size..48"by 38"..with a seat!!
Why not?...  this will be handicapped accessible, after all...
dreams can come true...and this is a big one..God alone knows the
solution needed with this venture...lots and lots of hunters...hopefully...

just keepin' your fingers on the pulse!! 

Let's see now...where were we...guess I need to talk 
about a luncheon for a family who wanted to spend time
after a memorial service in a nearby cemetary for two
of the older generation passed on.  That was on th 29th of June.
They came from all over...23...all ages...cousins...
some stayed longer than others..in the B&B.

I served them in the barn, (or I wouldn't be telling you about it)
And we had meatballs and little potatoes...a bean salad loaded with 
herbs and greens from my mini garden..
along with fruit to die for and...a table
loaded with fresh uncut loaves of bread and Scandinavian
cheeses which I sliced while they sliced their bread of choice...
this is what breakfast is like in the hotels of Norway.

And on the ping pong table stood my 55-cup coffee pot
steaming... to pour into glass handled cups...and be enjoyed with
chocolate and sugared goodies.

altogether a warm and comforting togetherness!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Briefly here is the last episode of my
 barn which did not get into print before it happened...
and we seated around 30 for a not ordinary presentation of
who has put this body of work into a form for the 
 Doctorate she will be finishing...
This happened last Friday evening...
UND official accompanist and teacher of piano.
The evening was glorious in the, "I want to pinch myself. 
.is this really happening in my barn ???",  unusual combination

.So what next in the barn, you are wondering maybe?
I'm needing to put in place Stitch and Bless Friends Day!  
 Monday of the month.

Quilt...Knit...Darn Socks...Patch Aprons...learn Hexogonal Pillow (Japan)
Buttonholing...Crochet Potholders...You think of it...

Come every Monday-  if it isn't a Holiday...
Come if you feel like it...stay home and pout if you feel like it...

But if you do come with  something you're working on
or were working on before the kids came...bring that.
Another name for this could be stitch and finish.
If you want to be here...just come...tiny dues for costs
coupla dollars for lights...so to speak... for lunch...
or brown bag it..
.I say 10 to 4....what say you... 769-2275...789-1771cell

Plans are afoot for a bathroom and kitchen and bunk rooms downstairs in the barn..we hope to utilize volunters to work with our family in this effort...two "boxes" insulated and heating within each box...flooring is already here from the school in town...fabulous unseen by most eyes...24ft by 12 inch by 2 inch..nails are out thanks to Eli and Zach and Kevin for Mother's Day.
 It will be planed and notched and laid down for THE mostest gorgest floor... in any barn you 'ever done seen'
Kevin is in charge...you know he's the guy that hangs around the fair grounds and museum...

til soon..I submit these thoughts for your consideration...JoAnne of the barn



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hi...Sat before last the barn was in use by Stacey and friends.  They did their nails...talked...did zumba...talked...found the wine...talked...snacked on bread and cheese...talked...then talked...finally ate a real meal at the table for 10 in the main house...and talked...guess you could say they did what they wanted...all children not under foot...pleasure to have the dads do Sat duty in that regard...home by bedtime...next day Easter...things to do forgotten for 6 0r s0 hours...I heard them say..."let's do this again...Stacey and friends.

I want to give you something to think about from Easter morning in Kabul.  My granddaughter (Peter Dyrud's wife) is with the USAF there for 6 mo.  I will let you in on some of her doings from time to time.  Here is what Felisa wrote and sent ... a gift to us on the DAY of Jesus' greatest gift to us 


Sunrise comes sooner here
but the sparrows know the same tunes-
the sorrow
the celebration

The dusty hill takes shape
beyond the walls
upon walls
and I know that today
a young girl will pump water
from a well and haul
the yellow cans up
a steep path, home.

She would prefer to keep
doing little girl's chores.
Growing up is uncertain.

A morning you can see
your breath
Smoke seeping skyward
from the city's nostrils
mingles with our praises
incense blended in 
hope of fragrance
surging from young roses
yet to bud.

to bed to bed why do I start these blogging pieces at midnight maybe I think more quietly then but legs restlessly would walk to the place they lie upon feathers as they will  goodnight

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's that time - so here it comes -
I've a head full of new ideas and there just won't be time for much
since it's late and I'd rather lay my head on my feather pillow
But here goes...
Aside from the Steinbeck Fiesta in the middle of August and
Potting #2 in June, I do want badly to again fill the barn with workshops
(sorry - dates not set - yet)And so since we
are hosting again this coming summer ---
the Cold War Museum as well as the Missile Control Center
in the town of Cooperstown, for every interested traveler, I have an idea.

We lived in Moscow at the American Embassy where my husband, Brig Gen
Jim Wold was the Military Attache from May, 1975 until July, 1977.
These years gave us an involvement in Soviet life among the
Russian people. We absorbed their culture. As a result there is this
farmhouse on the prairie, (a dacha of sorts), housing a respectible
collection of memorabilia - books, art, for starters - which I would like
to introduce to you, in workshop space / time conversations.

I am trusting as I put these ideas on paper that you are already curious
- what is a dacha?
- how many books?

Well you will just have to inform me of your curiosity and we will go from

MEANTIME I AM MAINLY SNOWBOUND - ( a few minutes ago I listened to a
number of coyoties outside - very close ) - but tomorrow I will be able to drive the
15 miles to town for new tires and other errands -
since the reads have been cleared....including the path to my chicken coop!

Hello and Goodbye...thanks for the visit

Friday, January 15, 2010

I am getting antsy for something
these days the pinwheel pinheads
spin in my brain
they stop me in midsentence so
that I dont know what I was saying
and I'm not sure what I need to tell you

from the B&B bathroom window I count 22 of them
so does the promise of prairie go out the window?

from the corner of the barn at the fence I count 59 of them
40 stories high and very close very close
and I wish all who believe this is good for people who love open
nature would come and buy my used to be best kind of green farm
for a million greeenbacks

just some wandering thinking going on up here in the sunroom in the dark of the night
when you can see  fl  as  hi  ng rr  ee  dd  li  gh ts ss  ss  

ok this is all for now
JoAnne of the industrial park