Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ideas chat

Hello everybody
this is me
and I just feel like connecting via this avenue
which looks kinda new for my blogging

experimenting is what I want to want
now it is time to mention the snow outside isn't it?
I followed the deer tracks all the way to the burning
barrels this early afternoon
and there were tracks also made by Shelley last week
when she was helping me get down and out 
the christmas tree from the music room

I'm leaving the snowman/winter tree until the snow is
gone for good
that tree is so cute it deserves to stay year round
except I'm afraid I need the space on the 
table in the library which is where it is

the workshop this Saturday afternoon is WWW which
translates - Wining (or whining) Women Writers -
should I just read few 2013 blog entries?
good idea since so far I've not written anything
but lists for months
we can cheat any choose to read any thing we like
if we dare

Thursday, February 21, 2013

February is nearly gone

So here we go!

Hi you all have inches or feet of snow?  Here around the farm
it's a combo...the paths to animals are inches...whoopee..and east side of barn is more
like I'm expecting that a month from now when we will be thinking
about parking for a groom's dinner...guess what would be nice?  less snow... and 
melting and warmer temps..altho today it got all the way up to 20 where it may stay
 for awhile.

This past paragraph doesn't sound like my usual banter... does it? More like the
coffee guys down at the Co-op or the Coach...

However..I care about as much as anyone that my getting in and out of this driveway
will be possible when the need that must mean that the 30 plus years I've
lived here have made their mark on me...

When grandson Oz was here at Christmas..he talked me into trying ads on facebook
and then he went back to for the times I'm being reminded by the 
powers involved that the weekly  words should be written.......he isn't here to make 
it clear to me...what to do when they say to me.."what do you want JoAnne" do they know my name?   Hopefully ...soon the $100.00 bucks will be
 spent...and I will be at peace...Is there any way to quit facebook? must
have been a hundred friends wanting whatever...even Ed Shaefer...what can I say?
except to "thank" Jonas who seems the instrument in quite a few of these total 
strangers only he knows...again I am flumoxed into another YIKES...

Since I've been awake since 4:00 AM...I will say goodnite  til soon when I might have
something to say..JoAnne