Sunday, March 24, 2013

Almost Easter

Here goes some info from the BARN...
Do you know what snow mtns look like at the end of March? 
 I do
Nils age four climbed to the top the other day
and he was way up high
loved it....can't do this in Kansas
where he lives and where he returned to the next day
after a spin thru snow
 on a sled behind racing dogs
which he liked so much he asked if he could keep going
sure nuf 
hung on for another hour til his toes got pink

We were moving the white stuff in order to
make room for the cars that would be 
needing to park somewhere
forty folks were being delivered to the BARN for
the groom's dinner to be eaten
around tables decorated in pink and white for a wedding
next day
come to think of it we used the bride's colors for the groom's dinner
never mind
they're married now and will share more than colors 
fun fun fun
 music of all kinds  to make me happy using the great piano I told you
about last summer

BUT I think you've not heard about my Jim's TEAC tape to tape recorder
which we took to Rusisa in mid 70s
 for recreation
while we lived in the embassy in Moscow for two years
(taping borrowed LPs of pop ...Russian...whatever)
and which is hooked up for background or dancing or listening
so...I set up a few hours of Perry Como
who sings great love  songs
just for the mood I wanted that night

WELL  that's my say for tonight
Goodnight... til the snow melts and I have more to say

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