Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Greetings in the spirit of the season
Guess what...the hunter shot his beast the first night, altho he lost it along with the arrow.  He and Ryan (guide), looked til it got too dark and then gave up.  They came in for supper, did some time in the barn with the TV and started again the next morn about 8:00.  Breakfast would be when they either found the deer or gave up trying.  Good news...when they came in to eat they had fould two halves of the arrow and a little blood and the deer.  It was gorgeous, except for the fact that all meat had been devoured by coyottes...though not the head or antlers.
Which meant that he went back to the cities that day, and will hope to come again next year with buddies.  This did give me more time and less complexity for the men's breakfast and the Christmas Party.
Will catch up on those events next time.......bye til then...Jo Abigail  a fun sign off???ok

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Good evening to you. I saw somewhere a few minutes ago that I wrote the last blog two months ago. That is outrageous. If no one is even waiting for a new update, I won't be unhappy... I would also have given up the faintest possibility of another entry. And it is my ignorance which keeps me blind when I try to get into this white box... or it could be my stubbornness.


So...the hunters were here the allotted three months, after which the barn gave up the deer decor, after which once again took on my decor. So at the moment Shelley and I have gone on the attack shoving old and new pieces around to new settings to set up for some gatherings in the coming days.

First on Saturday, some pastors and church boards, ten men altogether, will have breakfast downstairs in the barn at 9:00AM, and then continue their meeting upstairs, so I can get the kitchen and their table back into it's original mode.

Oh, and it was decided that another hunter could come on Thursday with bow and arrows to hunt. That means that he will use the house except for TV which I don't have in the house. Hunters like the sound of the hunting channel while they nap between hunts. So he will go without TV while the meeting is taking place. Right?

And next you see, we have been doing the Christmas thing with greens and ribbons for the same Company group numbering nearly 50 persons, who did their Christmas Party here last year. That is why the stuff that comes with hunting, can't fit into and onto the chairs and tables that are ready for white cloths and candles, so to speak.

Should life be this challenging?? and why?? Yes, is the word I so gladly use when possibly I shouldn't. If you can't make sense of this babble, never mind, the hunter leaves on Monday, unless he gets his deer. If that happens, he just ups and goes home. He comes in his own car, you see.

And in three days, the barn takes on another life. There will even be a newly married, (on 12-12-12), couple who will be honored by being seated at the new table from Belgium via Colorado Springs where a dealer had found it in Europe. It was made in the early 1800's. It is a pegged and not nailed, trestle, carved, specimen table, deserving of hosting a special couple for it's first job in it's new home... even if it's just a barn.

Now did you follow that? Just call me if you have any questions. You can tell I'm tired, so this is all... until next time... bye from me.