Sunday, August 14, 2011

August already?
How did that happen?
Do you suppose the spat I've had with this white box had any influence?
Yes - could be - so it's been to the doctor but there isn't much change that I am able to notice - except that now I can send emails. Could that make my work more smooth and caring and acceptable? We'll see now.

June is the first catchup month: we had a noteworthy event which kickstarted the sodding of black weedy areas following installation of septic digging - not ignoring the terrace and pergola edged with thousands of pounds of 1903 rock barn foundation which Kevin's fork lift resurrected down the hill where no doubt it expected to remain forever after a 1978 remodel of said barn-(feel free to reread that last bit)
THE event was a WEDDING out in the TREE FARM! do trust that Jim was looking on - noting 100 chair backs beribboned in white gauzey covers - as four no longer usable church-window frames of gothic vintage found use once again as an altar - background for tuxedos and gowns and 100 humongous white/ivory ROSES blending into white lilacs - stately pines - oaks - gentle new-green walnut trees - crowned by a commanding spire of tamarack.
At this point I choose to tell you that this tree farm was where we sprinkled our Jim the fighter pilot's ashes 8 years before. Uncountable Joy was palpable in this blessed hour. Prayer for at least a day without rain was more than answered. A few days later the mother of the groom stopped by and we shed a couple thankful tears that our perfect day was miraculous - framed by two rainy windy cold days - smile!

July: a month full of kitties and B&B families with lots of kitty loving kids - helping the effort of find homes for "nice" kittens. Are you listening? - and the bunk rooms in the barn are getting raves - for which I'm feeling smug - plus grateful - even added an extra 5th place to sleep for a grandparents with three little ones who all wanted to stay a few days in the barn -
AND - Finklestein came home to roost - my stuffed favorite pantaloon festooned rooster who died inexplicably during feeding one deeply frozen day last January - which I wrapped in plastic and a box and in a wheelbarrow highly heaped with snow til Spring when we moved him to the freezer to await news of having found a taxidermist who would be "anxious" to try dealing with this chicken - now it's a done deal and I picked him up in Fargo and he's busy finding the right spot to show off - in the barn - at this moment he's moved from the highchair to the shelf where we pass through the food - interesting? come meet him.

August: more folks with kids - so all the farm animals are parading - even the cows and calves who rent the pasture seem to know their duty is to be part of the action - and at this point to mention the windtowers is okay - the 55 or so pinwheels have settled into being the local interstate on my formerly quiet prairie -

Some day I'll become proficient enough to add wonderful photos to this effort. Meantime just use your imagination - please - or better yet come to see for yourself.

It's paasst bedtime - g'nite - good wishes - JoAnne