Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This night is full of snow betwist the barn and me, so even though in the recent blog I mentioned that most probably the white world would be melted or nearly so, it is ever so much worse than it was when I described the little fellow from Kansas high on a snow mountain.  The only path I have had the vigor to shovel, is a short one to the cat domain.

Luckily my neighbor Jennifer is more vigorous than I and pulls on her very high boots in order 
to trudge all the way back to see what the chickens need and also to collect another half dozen eggs.
I am grateful and believe the nine hens and Champ the rooster are as well.

I can get out of the carport and down the road because neighbor Jim Miller dug me out last Monday after many inches fell and mightily blew in and around poor me and poor house.
However the heavy white stuff was too much for my tractor and he had to quit, which is why I can't get to my barn.  Just maybe my grandson Sam will ask for jump start and will drive up here from Valley City where he is in school so I can get some snow moved and even a couple other jobs like the stinky stuff in the coop scooped out and over the fence.  That would alleviate the heady feeling one gets from opening the door on these above freezing days. 

One day at a time is the game I play.

Last weekend my guests were a couple from Grand Forks who arranged sitters to care for their four children six and under, so they could recoup a bit.
There was another couple from Aberdeen, SD who were in similar need of R&R due to their work involving church youth by the dozens and counseling through county police work.

Once again I heard stories of other folks who live a day at a time.

My fireplace burned full time and made good use of the pile of wood stacked on the porch by the guys a couple weeks ago..It is not there now.  Only hours after they drove out of the circle I heard the howling wind that filled the monstrous piles of snow in and around us for the following 24 hours.
  This can't be April!  But it is.

I wait to see.

my best to you all

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