Sunday, June 23, 2013

and a good Sunday to you
this day has the sound of grass being cut 
no wonder as it grows inches by inches without let up
must share news of new 60" cutter which is making happy Greg
neighbor and faithful driver of said item
happier than before

did do fun workshop called...(after the fact)
English Paper Pieceing
our teacher came with samples books materials  such as proper needles
all kinds of cutters for quilting plus self healing boards 
upon which to cut using
also fancy measuring boards in
I have since invested

so when next to meet? I'm thinking Fri afternoons 1: - 5:
with break as needed for nourishment?
and we could even fit in 30 min for TaiChi?
or 2 workships at once..the barn is big..
let me know if you see this

next big event is another concert on Sat eve the 13th of July featuring the 3rd annual

Marla Fugderud     singing in English this year

will fill in name of accompanist soon 
do know he is a world traveler

hold your breath 
all for now

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