Thursday, December 3, 2009

It is now the 3rd of December
I want to talk to you about the intervening time since...
I last wrote, or rather, talked.

The barn has been a busy place since Sept-
full of hunters from all over the States.
It's bow hunting for the first two months
then in Nov we had a few rifle as well as bow hunters.

There are lots of deer out there and most hunters went home
Ducks and pheasant hit the dust as well - even some gueese

But I want to tell  you how my life has changed since Aug.
We now have wind towers to the north and east and south.
I've changed where I eat so that I can still look over untouched Prairie.
I now sit on the east side of my table whereas I used to (for 30 or so years)
eat on the south side, which I prefer no longer since the monsters feel 
like they're in my plate!

Some of you know that my byline from 1989 in all publicity has been
Come Find Yourself on the Prairie

Now I'm contemplating a "different" byline

where you will see sprouting for miles on the formerly natural prairie hills 
of the one and only Sheyenne River Valley, 112 white spires or missiles,
poised upward into the sky 360 feet - far above the prairie.

It is no longer quiet here -  with a sound not unlike an airport , and there is
a kind of Circus going on - red "Christmas" lights flashing nightly all year round,
 competing successfully with  stars and constellations.

And when the sun comes up in the morning, we offer flickering, spine tingling
mysterious lighting created by our graceful 90 ft blades spinning 100 mpr - 
again, successfully competing with exquisite sunrises.


Actually, I have only now finished hosting three months of hunters
and they are not impressed (at least not favorably).
The flickering morning light confuse and seem to trick the eye
when watching for moving deer.  One hunter told me that after he
was sure his buck was dead, it still seemed to be alive and moving.

The table talk at every meal includes how it used to be year after year,
and is no longer.

You can feel that this is something to deal with as far as my
emotional acceptance is concerned.  The main problem is that they are too close
to my home.  If we could have known ahead of time and persuaded 
the Public Service Commission that no tower should be 
closer than a mile from where any person tries to sleep,
 I would feel somewhat relieved. 
But such is not the case.  The State feels that 1400 ft is far enough.

I count 57 "pinwheels" from the fence next to my barn.
My Workshops my become "Green" discussions.  We'll see.

Stay Tuned - bye for now - JoAnne  

Monday, August 17, 2009

Now you're maybe wondering what I meant when I referred to, "much much", in my life.
  So here it is...the whole's the USE of my BARN..something pretty unusual for me..
.and even for N.D.
  I hosted a mother and son for nearly two weeks while they 
turned the barn into a writing workshop.  And not your ordinary writing no
This was Hollywood Style
I'm not kidding or even pulling your leg.
Ana flew in from Madrid, Spain,  and Erik from Los Angeles...
It seems they were needing more contact for their ideas than emailing
 back and forth, back and forth 
...this movie script that concerned things like --  War Clowns ??
and making decisions !! and being young.
 They were pacing and pasting ....( just try and visualize that pair of words).
I saw my barn walls covered, not with paintings and such, but with 4 by 6 cards
full of dialog and whatever words either of them had just heard in their head.

Mind you, life went on for me and even though Ana was giving morning
food to the cats and kittens, I did venture down into the lower barn to check on
chores, so I can tell you SPANISH was bouncing around above my head.
Actually, echoing, would also describe it.

The best part of all was that they liked my food.  
Can't you imagine what fun I had thinking up the next meal for folks who
sort of went gaga (I thought) over a fresh egg from the coop..

so I decided the barn needed a rest and so did I....and since the JS Fiesta wasn't
drawing even the dozen I'd hoped for
I cancelled ... or rather postponed ... and in a few weeks or even January
 (when the weather is cozy)
interested readers of JS will get a call saying, Wanna come?

What next..........stay tuned
by the way, have you noticed that after 15 months of blogging, I have A Follower.

bye for now..JoAnne, the dizzy one

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It is now the 11th of August and the workshops would have started tomorrow.

I am sad to tell you that due to much much in my life at this time, I must cancell.
There has not been much interest in John Steinbeck, in fact none, so I realize the need for more groundwork, if I want to get it all together.  

After all ,this barn thing is very new and I have not felt ready to go out and do much in the way of broad advertising, so I'm not surprised what the response has been.  I also put a price tag on my JS Fiesta, and that was a risk that I think now was a mistake.  

So let's just accept the fact that I'm a kind of dizzy dame.

Forgive me?
Do watch for word of the concert during the Fall. 

Friday, July 24, 2009

So, here is where I want to be, on my blog, letting you know a little about our four days of JS (John Steinbeck)
 The first three days,  Aug 12, 13,  14,   we will have supper at 5:00 pm and proceed through the evenings as we please, reading the play of,  THE MOON IS DOWN.  - after listening to an intro of the story line.  Actually, I hope you will obtain and read the book before you come.  It is available on Amazon.

During each of these evenings we will also watch a Steinbeck movie of our choice.
It could go without saying, that we'll get into the mood of this writer and speak our piece when it must be said.  JS was a free soul and so can we be.

Sat will be somewhat different.  Let's
 meet around 2:00pm for further discussion led by local Steinbeck officianados.  Then after 6;00 we'll swing into a Sea of Cortez party with a great red and yellow spread of edibles...and whatever comparable liquid desired.I think of the Mexico time of  life for Steinbeck and feel it was an attempt to escape.  After all,he did a lot of that.  Maybe we could even swing some on the barn floor......because....the stage is now set for Roger, Merry and friends to tune up for a session of music that will sure fit the mood

JoAnne...and the barn...whoopie

You may ask what this will cost.  Here's the scoop.  For the four days,  including  food -  beverage -  movies  -  mental gymnastics.....


For the first nights.....

$35.00 per night.....

For just music around 8:00pm....


I'm hoping you'll go back to my writing about JS in previous blogs, if you want to see why I'm doing this...happy reading....til I hear from you with a,  "yes,  I'll be
 there, see you then!"  Call me with your questions.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Afternoon
The Barn has been a busy spot in the last month
Weaving and Knitting and Potting

19 participants for the 3 day WE WEAVE workshop
that included the evening performance by three students
from the Cooperstown High School, Kaia and David Lunde
and Christine Berge doing the State Speech Winning
Skits...which we so enjoyed !!!
basket making was hands on for six "workers"
labeled such because they certainly did put a lot of
energy into this project and produced baskets made with
material from ND Dogwood succors and twigs and twine for 
twisting the handle to the rim--
we did some weaving of wall hung wreaths, mostly from the left
over branches which were unsuitable for the baskets--
our thinking throughout these 3 days was that as we create
together, we are weaving ourselves with each other--
this was a fun idea and all agreed the time was relaxed in
that sharing another's attempt to learn

on May 30--- 11 of us watched and listened to our instructor 
Rene Fuglestad  brought us into the world of CLAY---
and what fun that was---I can't tell about the
many things we attempted to do--except that I did turn a pot
on a wheel for the very first time and it was not bad--and in my own Barn
next year--2nd annual--we will throw and turn and then fire in a pit
if you don't know what that is--come and find out next May or June--stay tuned!

June 7th we successfully served our Master Creator with Worship in
song and scripture and prayer while Rene turned 
many pots on the wheel
in the Barn
40 of us wove our spirits together during this hour unlike any other ever experienced.
centering the pots is vital or they fall apart--and so we thought about 
the need to center our own lives in Christ so we won't be out of balance--
 the POTTER and the CLAY
Isaiah 64:8 " O Lord, You are our Father: we are the clay, You are the Potter: we are all the work of your hand."
I will list the scripture references and you can look them up in the Bible when 
you want: Genesis 2:5-7; Isaiah 45:9,11-12; Jeremiah 18:1-6; 2 Corinthians 4:5-12; Romans 9:20-21; Jeremiah 29:10-11;

So---I've had the clay here since Ren left it for any of us that might want to
fool around...and now I have a bird with old nails and shells and gravel stuck on 
...and yesteray I found branches that resembled a head and a tail least to my eye
...and, oh-my, you should see it


so look here to see some details as we look forward to August, 12-15
we will spend time with John Steinbeck's, "The Moon is Down".  I now have 
a copy of the movie, given to me by a new friend, Dennis Stillings,
and a copy of the play...and you must read the have  2
get busy
for our never before 
John Steinbeck Fiesta
at Volden Farm ..701-2275

til then, JoAnne says dosvedanya
(Russian for goodbye)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good I am again to correct the mistakes I made as I was doing this last night...first of all...the dates for the Weave workshops are the 14th and the 15th and 16th...that is Thurs and Fri and Sat of May
The next mistake is in the phone #..1-701-769-2275...instead of the 760 which I had written...sorry
But the one great thing about blogging for that I can make the change right up to speak...
and I love fooling around with punctuation so that people (friends) will say to me"you know you forgot all the periods and comas" and I can say..."I know" haha


new info on potting WORKSHOP

two dates ... May 30 will be the first day to create lots of pots!
that way Rene Fuglestad who is the teacher, will take them home to Moorhead and fire them so that when he comes back the following Sat the 6th of June ... all of you guys who have potted ... will then be able to glaze ... what you did ...

Now this seems like rough info cause it is ... so here's more ...  Rene will have a couple of other teacher/potters with him and they have different specialties ... that sounds like fun to me ... and you too ...

W want to cover all the expense of their driving and also the materials, so there will be a charge of at least $75 a day ... to also cover a couple meals.  This will be an estimate until we get a better handle on reservations ... OK?

So get back to me on all this ... plus ...

The Sunday 3:00 PM Service with Music and Words glorifying God

while we watch and listen 

I cannot believe my barn will be the locale of all this creative energy

all for now ... bye ... JoAnne signing off

PS ... I forgot to say that we will have a chance to see the pots that Ren makes and they will be on exhibit and offered for sale in the barn
I do have some in the house for you to enjoy seeing as well

Sunday, April 19, 2009

the latest on May Workshops

Hope you are thinking about coming to the barn on either the 13th, 14th or 15th of May.  "We weave" will be a combo of days,crafts, music,time for yourselves if you need to just enjoy quiet in the Prayer Chair or some other corner of the space we have for you here at Voldenfarm.
So here's a brainstormer for a barnstormer!
we gather together to weave together as we gather we gather to be woven together as we weave what we gather together to gather to weave together what we gather - waving weeds or bending branches
for each weaver

now we consider knitting together and to be knitted as we gather together to knit

it remains to be seen what will become woven
baskets wreathes placemats purses 
we will see

Cost will be by the day:
    night stay with 3 meals and the full day and evening offerings
    full day with 2 meals and evening $75

For this workshop supplies will be found or provided as I see now -
evenings will be music and readings as we choose..weaving creatively the variety of old and young and you and me and all

Exodus 31:3-6
"And I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge and all kinds of craftmanship."
Exodus 35:35
"He has filled them with skill to perform every work of an engraver and of a designer and of an embroiderer, in blue and in purple and in scarlet material, and in fine linen,and as a weaver,as a performer of every work and makers of designs."

workshops in a tabernacle or a sanctuary

Call JoAnne at 1 701 760-2275
we would like to have at least a half dozen

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello, My plans are formimg.  This Workshop is called -  TO WEAVE !

Hopefully, May 14 will be a day to gather from the hills and woods - grasses and twigs for making baskets and wreathes, as I mentioned in the previous blog.  Together!

May 15 will be a day of weaving, using strips of favorite fabrics, into whatever, maybe pads to use at table or on seats or wall.  Maybe to frame, to do whatever comes to hand.
In the evening we will weave poetry, speech, music, young and old doing what our skills allow.
Come and be...Come and see...Come and do...Together!

May 16 will be a day of learn or to let fly the needles into bags or ? Together!

These works will be crafted along with Spiritual encouragement, using Biblical words that
describe our need and/or ability to create, be alone in God' Word or world here in our gardens or any corner we may choose during the days or day we spend at Volden Farm.

Cost will be negotiated whether time - bed - food - involved - so that there will be cover 
charge or rather charges covered.  In other words - expenses appreciated.  Thankfully.
Actually, minimal suggested costs will be posted closer to registrations.

My barn is intended to serve a purpose for increasing realization of who we might become by being together in the air of country and basics.  We all can learn  creatively by watching and doing - from each other.

Remember, " Salads to die for " and eggs of all sizes and colors..fresh for the picking from 15 gorgeous finely feathered friends.  How I love my chickens!

So here also is a date in June for the Potter and Clay, Rene Fuglestad and Us.

Sunday, June 7 at 3:PM in the Barn..we will begin a service like no other.  Music and Words for our thoughts about creating our lives for a best possible path.  Think about what that could be molded?  Anticipate?  Come.

Bye for now...JoAnne 

Monday, January 26, 2009

And this is a day of bright sun in my windows even though it was -20 this morning.
I want to look beyond winter into the month of May in my barn.  Maybe by that time the 12 foot Winter Tree covered with lights and toys, will be taken down and out.  And for a couple weekends we hope to consider other types of gardening, even as we did last May

Now, I like to plan on gathering  the fresh branches of Red Dogwood and working together to twist and twine them into either a basket or a wreath.  If you would want to come with us , please E-mail me at

and ask about the dates and availablilty of first come first get a bed in the B&B
while you relax and have fun.  Remember to look up my website as well

And above all, please be patient with me as I now have a digital camera which is bursting with pictures to share with you.  I only need to learn that new tech..

Some chicken house has winter inhabitants since all summer I asked around for enough of them so they (the two remaining after the slaughter by a couple of huge Raccoons) would not freeze.  You see I need at least 15 to keep each other warm without heat in their house.  I was able to get 15 new( to me) ones and they are being named and they are also giving me 1 or 2 eggs a day in spite of the cold.  One Rooster is Lazlo and the other, Big Red.  As for the hens, I'm waiting to share their names until they are all named.  For now, suffice it to say that they are gorgeous.  I love my chickens.

More news..An old large wood stove with nice art deco designs is installed in the barn for cooler days as Spring comes around.  I have tried to warm the barn now, but have realized I will need more insulation under the floor and tighter windows and doors if I want to use it in the dead of winter.

Oh well..this is almost all...but to say music and probably a Potter are in the calendar for June.  Tune  in for more as the ideas come.  OKay?   

Bye...from me, JoAnne