Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's that time - so here it comes -
I've a head full of new ideas and there just won't be time for much
since it's late and I'd rather lay my head on my feather pillow
But here goes...
Aside from the Steinbeck Fiesta in the middle of August and
Potting #2 in June, I do want badly to again fill the barn with workshops
(sorry - dates not set - yet)And so since we
are hosting again this coming summer ---
the Cold War Museum as well as the Missile Control Center
in the town of Cooperstown, for every interested traveler, I have an idea.

We lived in Moscow at the American Embassy where my husband, Brig Gen
Jim Wold was the Military Attache from May, 1975 until July, 1977.
These years gave us an involvement in Soviet life among the
Russian people. We absorbed their culture. As a result there is this
farmhouse on the prairie, (a dacha of sorts), housing a respectible
collection of memorabilia - books, art, for starters - which I would like
to introduce to you, in workshop space / time conversations.

I am trusting as I put these ideas on paper that you are already curious
- what is a dacha?
- how many books?

Well you will just have to inform me of your curiosity and we will go from

MEANTIME I AM MAINLY SNOWBOUND - ( a few minutes ago I listened to a
number of coyoties outside - very close ) - but tomorrow I will be able to drive the
15 miles to town for new tires and other errands -
since the reads have been cleared....including the path to my chicken coop!

Hello and Goodbye...thanks for the visit