Thursday, January 31, 2013

it is cold here - minus 20 for a couple days
with no snow last year
this covering of a few inches
feels more than enuf
do want the days to stretch longer 
a little more quickly than they have so far
not that I can do a thing about this
wait and wait
have i forgotten my intention to make use of these
dark short days
my desk my garage my old basement have
been entered in my journal
to remind me
is for making up the inner loss during summer
that is of course we cook and eat
and the green green grass covered by playing 
kittens and kids
and me
go outside to the outer world
outer summer
inner winter
now i will this day throw papers in the trash
and i will file all papers to do with the death
of my brother ralph and even look for some
pictures of him
i will do this before the bright sunshine goes to California
where it is always an outer world
wish me luck - bye

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good Day To YOU   This is the first of the first of the new year   the last days have been full of family giving me help with the animals as well as ideas for the barn as pertains to this method of transmission   to you   from me   and I am so mizzable with illness that I have not successfully played Cribbage with g.s. Ozzie  meaning no wins   then in walked g.s.Thomas with whom I played a success  now I'm getting well   sort of 

We have put the barn with workshops on a 'Facebook page inc photos and  many better info possibilities for the year   for instance we have a new movie of "East of Eden',with Jane Seymour, coming   and the "Journals of writing The   Grapes of Wrath"  this with intention of getting started at last with Steinbeck in August   discussions in particular among all wildly addicted readers of JS

And since we now have the piano   there will be music in as many forms possible   along with return of Marla Fugderud in English   she says she will prove this July that Norse isn't her only singing language 

Oh   and yesterday we designed and ordered 500 brand new Business Cards
which I will pick up tomorrow   it's been a long time without   in fact 10 yrs   or in other words   since Jim died   I'm open to congratulations

Picking up   the parties mentioned last post went off as planned   the newly wed 12 12 12 couple were dutifully recognized with the intended tall goblets  raised to enjoy the glitter of diamonds too numerous for an easy count    music blended well  thanks to Thomas Anderson and guitar  once again warming us on a Chilly Winter Night   

I want to at last give news that in our barn we have not only now installed a needed PA system which will serve many purposes but also Jim's Teac from the 70s era and his self taped series made on bleak nights in our Embassy Apt  in Moscow USSR 1975-1977   these were taped using borrowed lp's from his troop's collections   and they are fun dancing background  

Nope   the Cats and Chickens are hungry and thirsty and without Ozzie bye for now   enjoy FaceBook Page Likes  JoAbigail