Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I have good news for us all.. together.. this last day of May in the year of our effort 2011..especially that of son Kevin and lifemate Shelley as they placed a final touch.. with humongous rocks and chunks of old 1903 barn foundation sections which weighed down the FORKLIFT big time..leaving  grooves not so groovy in my green soggy rain gooped green grass..forgive me those of you who will attend the wedding held near this sod in only a few gulp .."days"..(I'm weak at this mental picture)..

The final touch I refer to is to the east of the cedar terrace under a covering pergola of commanding invitation to gatherings of friendly folk from this day forward....pure joy to have accomplished disguise of a mindful extent when considering the 59 pinwheels already diagnosed in previous notings...yes?  As we open the kitchen door to walk out onto the new structure..there is a tipped on end old corral gate rescued from the refuse pile..through which the monoliths attempt be noticed ..talk about laughing at their proverbial spinnings...a great guffah rises to them..

Effort accomplished..a dream beginning.. to hold an energy conference in the face of  such bravado..for our investigative decision makers..where else such opportunity..spread the word of this merging of situation..call for a reserved bunk and the sense of "hearing traffic "on the once alonely.. still.. prairie.. 

I, JoAnne of Volden Farm  will await a speculative query ..may we arrange a time?  701-769-2275..

with a smile..bye for now