Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello, My plans are formimg.  This Workshop is called -  TO WEAVE !

Hopefully, May 14 will be a day to gather from the hills and woods - grasses and twigs for making baskets and wreathes, as I mentioned in the previous blog.  Together!

May 15 will be a day of weaving, using strips of favorite fabrics, into whatever, maybe pads to use at table or on seats or wall.  Maybe to frame, to do whatever comes to hand.
In the evening we will weave poetry, speech, music, young and old doing what our skills allow.
Come and be...Come and see...Come and do...Together!

May 16 will be a day of learn or to let fly the needles into bags or ? Together!

These works will be crafted along with Spiritual encouragement, using Biblical words that
describe our need and/or ability to create, be alone in God' Word or world here in our gardens or any corner we may choose during the days or day we spend at Volden Farm.

Cost will be negotiated whether time - bed - food - involved - so that there will be cover 
charge or rather charges covered.  In other words - expenses appreciated.  Thankfully.
Actually, minimal suggested costs will be posted closer to registrations.

My barn is intended to serve a purpose for increasing realization of who we might become by being together in the air of country and basics.  We all can learn  creatively by watching and doing - from each other.

Remember, " Salads to die for " and eggs of all sizes and colors..fresh for the picking from 15 gorgeous finely feathered friends.  How I love my chickens!

So here also is a date in June for the Potter and Clay, Rene Fuglestad and Us.

Sunday, June 7 at 3:PM in the Barn..we will begin a service like no other.  Music and Words for our thoughts about creating our lives for a best possible path.  Think about what that could be molded?  Anticipate?  Come.

Bye for now...JoAnne