Thursday, January 31, 2013

it is cold here - minus 20 for a couple days
with no snow last year
this covering of a few inches
feels more than enuf
do want the days to stretch longer 
a little more quickly than they have so far
not that I can do a thing about this
wait and wait
have i forgotten my intention to make use of these
dark short days
my desk my garage my old basement have
been entered in my journal
to remind me
is for making up the inner loss during summer
that is of course we cook and eat
and the green green grass covered by playing 
kittens and kids
and me
go outside to the outer world
outer summer
inner winter
now i will this day throw papers in the trash
and i will file all papers to do with the death
of my brother ralph and even look for some
pictures of him
i will do this before the bright sunshine goes to California
where it is always an outer world
wish me luck - bye

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