Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This past weekend Kevin and Eli and Sam put the planer
to the boards for the floors of the bunk room, bath, and kitchen
of the barn...
now these boards are fir...old...2" by 12" by 24 '...and it 
was a considerable learning experience...as in...
there are 20 of these and they finished 4! 
luminous..is the finished product at this point of the process...
and when a glistening coat of protection is applied...
you will no doubt come from far and wide to look!!!
They were saved from the demolition of the Cooperstown
grade school from early 1900's. 

Today Kevin called to talk about the shower size..48"by 38"..with a seat!!
Why not?...  this will be handicapped accessible, after all...
dreams can come true...and this is a big one..God alone knows the
solution needed with this venture...lots and lots of hunters...hopefully...

just keepin' your fingers on the pulse!! 

Let's see now...where were we...guess I need to talk 
about a luncheon for a family who wanted to spend time
after a memorial service in a nearby cemetary for two
of the older generation passed on.  That was on th 29th of June.
They came from all over...23...all ages...cousins...
some stayed longer than others..in the B&B.

I served them in the barn, (or I wouldn't be telling you about it)
And we had meatballs and little potatoes...a bean salad loaded with 
herbs and greens from my mini garden..
along with fruit to die for and...a table
loaded with fresh uncut loaves of bread and Scandinavian
cheeses which I sliced while they sliced their bread of choice...
this is what breakfast is like in the hotels of Norway.

And on the ping pong table stood my 55-cup coffee pot
steaming... to pour into glass handled cups...and be enjoyed with
chocolate and sugared goodies.

altogether a warm and comforting togetherness!!!