Monday, July 2, 2012

Marla Fugderud Singing Event

Hey, just in case someone is reading this. I do have an event...
And pray for cooler weather than today...ok?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hi, I'm back after not being able to get through to this blog due to entanglements that even befuddled my grand daughter tonight.  This was the first time since Jan that we had an evening to spend on the problem.  Anna is a Web Designer at MN Monthly, so miracles she did perform..and I actually had to come up with a new password in order to literally separate my blog from the email she set up for me after Christmas last year.  
Now, what has been going on here at Volden Farm.  I'll start with last weekend. We had the International Farmers Convention, complete with a traveling Queen, who came with her husband from Alberta.  Her job is to cheer the pilots on (maybe).  Actually, she and her husband grilled the burgers on the barn terrace for the Chuck Wagon "thing" with beans  etc,, for the 40 plus who spent from Fri AM til Sun AM eating and fellowshipping and refreshing all the years they've been doing this.  Many are retired from farming, but most are still flying,  One of them from Dickenson who is around 90, flew his plane here...and he helpfully dished up the ice cream for everybody at the late eve ice cream social.  The menu was different the next night - it was Sirloin Rib Roast, salad, taters etc...again followed by the late ice cream social.
The music each eve was local: singing - guitar - sax - fiddle - very fun and all using my newly installed PA system.  Hear that .... you blues groups who regularly (ha) follow my blog.
They visited the Prairie Bilt Sleds across the road and that was, in the mind of the organizer, the highlight of the two days.  And the other visit was the Ronald Reagan Missile Site, otherwise known as Oscar Zero.
Of the 40, 12 stayed here at the B&B.  It was a fun time, these people have been a supportive group since just after WWII, and they love to be together.
This would have been totally daunting if not for Shelley being here two full days and some time before and after.  She is my daughter in law who lives about 40 min away. 
That was not all info you needed, but my conscience was nudging me to make up for lost time, I suspect.  Oh, I was asked to talk about MY flying husband and so I did.  As I returned to kitchen duty, one old guy said to me...boy, you're sure long winded....altho it seems, he was hard of hearing,
All done...I'll be back.