Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'll try again

Good evening  ..This will be short since I am 
trying to get these words I've written at least
two other times since Jan 2, I think, and cannot
 get them into my former format underneath my
 intro headliner photo of "my clouds".

Tonight I can't even get on email, so this is a 
bummer..big time..  Another sad thing about this 
new format is that my favorite blue is no longer
available.this blue is crappy..sorta sicklike
compared to the blue I've used for 4 years.
At least tonight I did figure out how to get 
the letters colored..even if I don't like the color.

Now you know that it has not been my choice
to be silent in this blog, it is that the new what
ever did it to me.

Good night, JoAnne - the non computer one