Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Afternoon
The Barn has been a busy spot in the last month
Weaving and Knitting and Potting

19 participants for the 3 day WE WEAVE workshop
that included the evening performance by three students
from the Cooperstown High School, Kaia and David Lunde
and Christine Berge doing the State Speech Winning
Skits...which we so enjoyed !!!
basket making was hands on for six "workers"
labeled such because they certainly did put a lot of
energy into this project and produced baskets made with
material from ND Dogwood succors and twigs and twine for 
twisting the handle to the rim--
we did some weaving of wall hung wreaths, mostly from the left
over branches which were unsuitable for the baskets--
our thinking throughout these 3 days was that as we create
together, we are weaving ourselves with each other--
this was a fun idea and all agreed the time was relaxed in
that sharing another's attempt to learn

on May 30--- 11 of us watched and listened to our instructor 
Rene Fuglestad  brought us into the world of CLAY---
and what fun that was---I can't tell about the
many things we attempted to do--except that I did turn a pot
on a wheel for the very first time and it was not bad--and in my own Barn
next year--2nd annual--we will throw and turn and then fire in a pit
if you don't know what that is--come and find out next May or June--stay tuned!

June 7th we successfully served our Master Creator with Worship in
song and scripture and prayer while Rene turned 
many pots on the wheel
in the Barn
40 of us wove our spirits together during this hour unlike any other ever experienced.
centering the pots is vital or they fall apart--and so we thought about 
the need to center our own lives in Christ so we won't be out of balance--
 the POTTER and the CLAY
Isaiah 64:8 " O Lord, You are our Father: we are the clay, You are the Potter: we are all the work of your hand."
I will list the scripture references and you can look them up in the Bible when 
you want: Genesis 2:5-7; Isaiah 45:9,11-12; Jeremiah 18:1-6; 2 Corinthians 4:5-12; Romans 9:20-21; Jeremiah 29:10-11;

So---I've had the clay here since Ren left it for any of us that might want to
fool around...and now I have a bird with old nails and shells and gravel stuck on 
...and yesteray I found branches that resembled a head and a tail least to my eye
...and, oh-my, you should see it


so look here to see some details as we look forward to August, 12-15
we will spend time with John Steinbeck's, "The Moon is Down".  I now have 
a copy of the movie, given to me by a new friend, Dennis Stillings,
and a copy of the play...and you must read the have  2
get busy
for our never before 
John Steinbeck Fiesta
at Volden Farm ..701-2275

til then, JoAnne says dosvedanya
(Russian for goodbye)