Thursday, June 10, 2010

Briefly here is the last episode of my
 barn which did not get into print before it happened...
and we seated around 30 for a not ordinary presentation of
who has put this body of work into a form for the 
 Doctorate she will be finishing...
This happened last Friday evening...
UND official accompanist and teacher of piano.
The evening was glorious in the, "I want to pinch myself. 
.is this really happening in my barn ???",  unusual combination

.So what next in the barn, you are wondering maybe?
I'm needing to put in place Stitch and Bless Friends Day!  
 Monday of the month.

Quilt...Knit...Darn Socks...Patch Aprons...learn Hexogonal Pillow (Japan)
Buttonholing...Crochet Potholders...You think of it...

Come every Monday-  if it isn't a Holiday...
Come if you feel like it...stay home and pout if you feel like it...

But if you do come with  something you're working on
or were working on before the kids came...bring that.
Another name for this could be stitch and finish.
If you want to be here...just come...tiny dues for costs
coupla dollars for to speak... for lunch...
or brown bag it..
.I say 10 to 4....what say you... 769-2275...789-1771cell

Plans are afoot for a bathroom and kitchen and bunk rooms downstairs in the barn..we hope to utilize volunters to work with our family in this effort...two "boxes" insulated and heating within each box...flooring is already here from the school in town...fabulous unseen by most eyes...24ft by 12 inch by 2 inch..nails are out thanks to Eli and Zach and Kevin for Mother's Day.
 It will be planed and notched and laid down for THE mostest gorgest floor... in any barn you 'ever done seen'
Kevin is in know he's the guy that hangs around the fair grounds and museum...

til soon..I submit these thoughts for your consideration...JoAnne of the barn