Friday, January 15, 2010

I am getting antsy for something
these days the pinwheel pinheads
spin in my brain
they stop me in midsentence so
that I dont know what I was saying
and I'm not sure what I need to tell you

from the B&B bathroom window I count 22 of them
so does the promise of prairie go out the window?

from the corner of the barn at the fence I count 59 of them
40 stories high and very close very close
and I wish all who believe this is good for people who love open
nature would come and buy my used to be best kind of green farm
for a million greeenbacks

just some wandering thinking going on up here in the sunroom in the dark of the night
when you can see  fl  as  hi  ng rr  ee  dd  li  gh ts ss  ss  

ok this is all for now
JoAnne of the industrial park