Monday, January 26, 2009

And this is a day of bright sun in my windows even though it was -20 this morning.
I want to look beyond winter into the month of May in my barn.  Maybe by that time the 12 foot Winter Tree covered with lights and toys, will be taken down and out.  And for a couple weekends we hope to consider other types of gardening, even as we did last May

Now, I like to plan on gathering  the fresh branches of Red Dogwood and working together to twist and twine them into either a basket or a wreath.  If you would want to come with us , please E-mail me at

and ask about the dates and availablilty of first come first get a bed in the B&B
while you relax and have fun.  Remember to look up my website as well

And above all, please be patient with me as I now have a digital camera which is bursting with pictures to share with you.  I only need to learn that new tech..

Some chicken house has winter inhabitants since all summer I asked around for enough of them so they (the two remaining after the slaughter by a couple of huge Raccoons) would not freeze.  You see I need at least 15 to keep each other warm without heat in their house.  I was able to get 15 new( to me) ones and they are being named and they are also giving me 1 or 2 eggs a day in spite of the cold.  One Rooster is Lazlo and the other, Big Red.  As for the hens, I'm waiting to share their names until they are all named.  For now, suffice it to say that they are gorgeous.  I love my chickens.

More news..An old large wood stove with nice art deco designs is installed in the barn for cooler days as Spring comes around.  I have tried to warm the barn now, but have realized I will need more insulation under the floor and tighter windows and doors if I want to use it in the dead of winter.

Oh well..this is almost all...but to say music and probably a Potter are in the calendar for June.  Tune  in for more as the ideas come.  OKay?   

Bye...from me, JoAnne