Friday, July 24, 2009

So, here is where I want to be, on my blog, letting you know a little about our four days of JS (John Steinbeck)
 The first three days,  Aug 12, 13,  14,   we will have supper at 5:00 pm and proceed through the evenings as we please, reading the play of,  THE MOON IS DOWN.  - after listening to an intro of the story line.  Actually, I hope you will obtain and read the book before you come.  It is available on Amazon.

During each of these evenings we will also watch a Steinbeck movie of our choice.
It could go without saying, that we'll get into the mood of this writer and speak our piece when it must be said.  JS was a free soul and so can we be.

Sat will be somewhat different.  Let's
 meet around 2:00pm for further discussion led by local Steinbeck officianados.  Then after 6;00 we'll swing into a Sea of Cortez party with a great red and yellow spread of edibles...and whatever comparable liquid desired.I think of the Mexico time of  life for Steinbeck and feel it was an attempt to escape.  After all,he did a lot of that.  Maybe we could even swing some on the barn floor......because....the stage is now set for Roger, Merry and friends to tune up for a session of music that will sure fit the mood

JoAnne...and the barn...whoopie

You may ask what this will cost.  Here's the scoop.  For the four days,  including  food -  beverage -  movies  -  mental gymnastics.....


For the first nights.....

$35.00 per night.....

For just music around 8:00pm....


I'm hoping you'll go back to my writing about JS in previous blogs, if you want to see why I'm doing this...happy reading....til I hear from you with a,  "yes,  I'll be
 there, see you then!"  Call me with your questions.