Sunday, July 27, 2008

We did the Health thing...

We had a great gathering of like minds in the BARN that is, we all were and are interested in taking care of our bodies and our families and our homes.

Sherry gave us info on all those matters.
She has been garnering material in many ways for years and so when she explains the gifts she feels she has been given by God, it is a wonder to see how she uses those gifts.

I can't go there in this format and couldn't anyway since it is her world, not mine.

I know this much...that I want to clean up my eating habits for a more comfortable life..why not?
I 've already given up pop in any esp.

And I have a filter for water, at least at my sink, which takes out chlorine and flouride.
It would be best to have a filter for the entire water supply because then you wouldn't be bathing in nasties.

Shelley was really a STRECTH the next day as she lectured on all the ways our muscles woud be better off if we treated them with respect.

This was videoed and so when she gets it ready, maybe you could send me a message and for sure I will let you know. (or the other way around)

Holly took the Saturday afternoon and gave us a chance to see by way of handouts, what is pulling her into this world of wating the right things. Five of us did lots of asking and sharing and we were
STILL having massages until around 7:00 or so.

I forgot to tell you that on Friday night we were 15 interested people.

Let me say that men are welcome always.
And for those who don't know, this is a B&B with comfy beds etc, for a reasonable fee.

bye.... from the BARN hostess!

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