Monday, September 1, 2008

This has been a long month because I have been away from my farm and my barn. There have been no workshops and it makes me anxious for the next event which will be on

Mary Helm
September 12, 2008
6:30 - Refreshments
7:30 - Artist's Talk
8:00 - Original Music by Mary and Roger

So come and see these horses - descendants of the horses of Sitting Bull - in a new way.
You'll be as surprised as I was when Mary, who is my sometimes neighbor, took some of the framed pieces out of the trunk of her car and laid them on the grass so I could see and decide if it would be a good idea to use my barn for the display and sale of same.

The work on my workshop barn is going along at a small pace, but enough to encourage me as I plan to invite the public to attend an evening such as I am describing.
Certainly I will say more in a few days - I just needed to get it "out there"

As for where I've been: August 1 through 10 I flew with my granddaughter, Ashley Vigesaa,to Japan to visit another granddaughter, Anna Dyrud. She is now leaving to return home to Mpls after teaching English for a year in the northern city of Morioka. We also spent time with my friend, Yayoi Kamamura, in Kawasaki.

From August 15 through 25 I was in CA visiting friends and family.

I am taking care of Hunters for the next couple months as they bow hunt for deer in the area.
This is my idea of fun - meeting people from Falmouth, Maine and Las Vegas, Nevada this week. We have breakfast at 10:00 AM and supper at 10:00 PM. This year they are enjoyng the use of my renewed barn which is equipped with a 50" TV and comfortable seating.

My next trip will be with grandson, Jacob Vigesaa, to the beach on the Outer Banks of NC, by way of VA where we be joined by my daughter, Lisa, and her son Bjorn. The boys are both 9th graders and so will be taken out of school for this educational experience. This will be September 18 ( my 75th Birthday ) through 28 - surely a good reason for celebrating, don't you think?

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