Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hi here I am again to tell you what happened at the Health Workshop last Friday and Saturday.  It was beyond my other words, I didn't know what to expect.  Fri we had a surprising total of 15 attendees, including the leaders for the entire event.  Sherry brought a neighbor and friend who often works with her when they are asked to help anyone who may need their advice.  To make you curious, they do DOWSING when asked.  That is not something that I will try to talk about since it is not a familiar topic for me.  Just let me say that we all found the talk about food and energy and chemicals and negative space in our lives and homes, jump started our curiosity beyond  describing.

The next day we were down to 5 attendees, but that just meant that we all had more time to absorb what Shelley told us of the stretching we should be doing for optimum health.  She took this time to have her talk videoed and it will include the stretches we did.  She gave us all personal attention as she taught us what to do.  Now if I could just remember!!!  Oh yes, I will buy the video.  Won't that be handy?  

After lunch, Holly gave us a chance to see why she is so excited about all the new sources she has found and continues to find on the net.  Her tabbed notebook is 5 inches thick.  We didn't have time to look through it, but just seeing it was a lesson.  Because we were so few, there was energy and time for each of us to have a chair message from Shelley.  Do I need to tell you how good that felt?

This concludes the Workshops that are planned for this year.  I will be leaving for Japan and after that for a trip to good ol" California, land of part of my childhood and home of my sister Rhoda andbrothers Lowell and Ralph. Then September, October and two weeks of November, my Bed and Breakfast becomes a Hunting Lodge.

Actually, I've not said a thing on this Blog about the fact that I have operated a B&B since 1989.
There is a Website,, where you can take a look at some info about it.  On my page which descibes my starting workshops, I need to take off the three months when I won't be doing any.  That is due to the need of my space for hunters this year.

So this" brief" overview of the use of the BARN is ended for tonight.  Do keep reading as I post items of interest (maybe) for you.  

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