Monday, September 15, 2008

Photo and Music night

Here's hoping that I can make this blog do what I want which is to have my message centered like it was from the first until the last couple.  But to get to the point, the evening of  the BARN was a success to my way of thinking.  About 50 or so turned up and that was after only two weeks of advertising in the local paper, the Courier.  We did have about 30 classy posters in strategic spots around the county.  Merry made those and she used the great photo of a new colt twisting around her mommy's legs..stunning, I think.

There are over 20 pieces in the show, which will hang in my barn for a few more weeks, in case any of you want to come look at the Elk, and the eye of the Buffalo, and numerous black and white cows as well as horses.  The prices range from $125 up to $255 for the show centerpiece.  I want some of them, to put it lightly, because at least one of cows and one of horses should stay here where we opened the barn to the public for the first time.  

And the excitement was huge for me to have such a mix of neighbors from all directions.  I was gratified and honored, really, that this effort was recognized  and enjoyed by so many. 

The food was fun.  Blueberry, Cranberry and Wild Rice sausage cut into bite sized squares and eaten with Olive bread covered with  a smear of Basil Pesto.  Havarti cheese on flatbreads, as well as crisp Flax crackers.  Citrus water and wine filled out the menu.

It was good to hear Merry tell how she found the animals she has captured, even as
this is  a new venture for her.  At least in this venue.  Her many other forms of "fun" are too many to mention or even remember, but do include writing in many forms, historical research, gardening seriously ( dozens of Iris ),   Creating  screen and music  work..etc.  We are just  fortunate tonight to have her share with us

 So that was Merry's intro, but more than food and photos, came when Roger began to play one of the three guitars he had on our Zebra covered "stage".  His intro, was to chat some about the difference listeners feel when they hear new music for the first time,  instead of the comfortable oldies everyone knows.  We actually did singalong on the choruses of a few that caught our ear.  Roger and Merry have voices that are together in tone and intensity whether soft as a whisper or belted with gusto.  So much of their music is complex in it's intent to tell a story with both voices cutting in and out in a manner which surprised and pleased me.  This was an event that would have been  worthy of having saved on a video.  Oh well.   Especially in the barn which is set up for a 10 week Hunting Lodge.

I could go on,  but better quit this blog now.  I'm happy happy to have the barn move this far in only a matter of months.  Steps and a porch of steel with holes and some other touches have come  into reality for more happy happy.  Next year -  ramp and some color - red oil stain, will add even more...and perhaps some bunk room and small kitchen and small bath???? On the lower level where cats and kittens now live.

I want and need! to sell more Russian Art so that I can do all this for family and hunters and friends!!

Whee.....for now....Jo Abigail...who is 75 in a couple days and will be on a plane to DC and then NC and the beach with some kids and grandkids...hang gliding and hours of swimming.


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