Tuesday, November 2, 2010

By the way, I probably have never told you that the major color of my barn workshop,"haymow", is this same blue that I use to write to you about my barn...it puts me in the mood somehow...
The other thing that I must talk about is the disappeared brown panels that were in my heading until recently...well I just found out that they get dropped by whomever when it is deemed they are out of style???DUMB

My blog helper, Caristy Olson, is leaving Cooperstown where her husband John is our pastor, and will be living in Taiwan.  I hope she will give me some final tips before she goes...John will be an English speaking pastor in our Mission area there.
I wish Caristy could do  panels of my photos of the work we have done in the barn...but that may not be possible...I can just make such photos part of the message ...we'll see..

Sooo..do you like the paragraph style I 've started?...it seems I can get more said in a shorter time...

AND I HAVE A NEW GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER....BORN 10 23 10...HER NAME IS REESE ABIGAIL ROEDER...and that is special since my middle name is also Abigail...as was my mom's mother...and since I've introduced the fact that I have family..I may as well say that I have a GREAT GRANDSON who is already two years old...his name is KAJ DELYS NAUJOKAS...
seems we have left "MARTHA" and "ROBERT" in the dust...yes?

Nope...now is the time to do supper for the hunters...bye and thinks for listening..JoAnne

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