Thursday, September 2, 2010

I guess it has been is a momentous time to say a few words about the barn itself since I've been at a standstill with regard to workshops...with more important work in progress...there are walls going up on a new sturdy floor made of wood from the old school in Cooperstown which was torn down last winter...wood 2" thick...12"wide...24 ' the two new rooms within the 24 ' are a bathroom and a be....soon!!!...hunters arrive tomorrow so the ones later will be able to use the facilities...not these first three from Louisiana...boohoo
will keep you informed as to when the 24' bunkroom space devided into two rooms will start...sleep two bunks will be available when finished..using some old windows from the Law Office which were saved during the upgrading for new occupants you have questions about that???...come and see... the center of the downstairs will not be heated but I want light to flow into the heated spaces we're creating so ..thus...the windows..Kevin (my son) is patient about all this...give him credit!!!...
lately I don't like periods or caps so do be patient with me...bye for

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Willow Lake Stitches said...

JoAnn. . .

Post some pictures of your barn upgrades ! I'd love to see it ! ! !

Rec'd your email earlier, and yes, let's still be thinking of BLUEGRASS in the Barn !