Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It is now the 11th of August and the workshops would have started tomorrow.

I am sad to tell you that due to much much in my life at this time, I must cancell.
There has not been much interest in John Steinbeck, in fact none, so I realize the need for more groundwork, if I want to get it all together.  

After all ,this barn thing is very new and I have not felt ready to go out and do much in the way of broad advertising, so I'm not surprised what the response has been.  I also put a price tag on my JS Fiesta, and that was a risk that I think now was a mistake.  

So let's just accept the fact that I'm a kind of dizzy dame.

Forgive me?
Do watch for word of the concert during the Fall. 

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vjs said...

Well how in the world can I come and bring my bookclub pals when this is the first I've heard of it? Yes your advertising needs a bit of work. I'm sad to hear the monsters sprouting on the prairie have spoiled it for you. Although if you do think of them as pinwheels, can you afford them a bit of whimsy? Perhaps you could name them?

Keep writing...