Monday, April 20, 2009

Good I am again to correct the mistakes I made as I was doing this last night...first of all...the dates for the Weave workshops are the 14th and the 15th and 16th...that is Thurs and Fri and Sat of May
The next mistake is in the phone #..1-701-769-2275...instead of the 760 which I had written...sorry
But the one great thing about blogging for that I can make the change right up to speak...
and I love fooling around with punctuation so that people (friends) will say to me"you know you forgot all the periods and comas" and I can say..."I know" haha


new info on potting WORKSHOP

two dates ... May 30 will be the first day to create lots of pots!
that way Rene Fuglestad who is the teacher, will take them home to Moorhead and fire them so that when he comes back the following Sat the 6th of June ... all of you guys who have potted ... will then be able to glaze ... what you did ...

Now this seems like rough info cause it is ... so here's more ...  Rene will have a couple of other teacher/potters with him and they have different specialties ... that sounds like fun to me ... and you too ...

W want to cover all the expense of their driving and also the materials, so there will be a charge of at least $75 a day ... to also cover a couple meals.  This will be an estimate until we get a better handle on reservations ... OK?

So get back to me on all this ... plus ...

The Sunday 3:00 PM Service with Music and Words glorifying God

while we watch and listen 

I cannot believe my barn will be the locale of all this creative energy

all for now ... bye ... JoAnne signing off

PS ... I forgot to say that we will have a chance to see the pots that Ren makes and they will be on exhibit and offered for sale in the barn
I do have some in the house for you to enjoy seeing as well

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