Sunday, June 8, 2008

This blog thing is going to be fun, I can tell.
I''m learning more each time a helper comes along with an expertise I need.
For instance, I was sure that I'd lost the 1st and 2nd posts and was crushed.
But along came a friend who was also a blogger and on her computer she found them for me and so they are back.
Maybe not in the order I did them, but I will learn soon how to 
fill in a kind of overview of all that I'd like to blog about.
And I have decided to actually punctuate and NOT run on like my brain does.
My barn is not finished, since it still needs outside steps and a ramp going down from a 
porch which will be 12'by 6' . That is not all it still needs.  It needs a door at the top
of the inside steps, which are newly built.  It needs book shelves with room for
serving coffee,  as well as a wide screen with tech  accoutrements to aid in telling
the story, whichever the workshops will need to tell.
Of course water as in kitchen and bathroom will be desirable,  hopefully, 

next year.

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