Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Greetings in the spirit of the season
Guess what...the hunter shot his beast the first night, altho he lost it along with the arrow.  He and Ryan (guide), looked til it got too dark and then gave up.  They came in for supper, did some time in the barn with the TV and started again the next morn about 8:00.  Breakfast would be when they either found the deer or gave up trying.  Good news...when they came in to eat they had fould two halves of the arrow and a little blood and the deer.  It was gorgeous, except for the fact that all meat had been devoured by coyottes...though not the head or antlers.
Which meant that he went back to the cities that day, and will hope to come again next year with buddies.  This did give me more time and less complexity for the men's breakfast and the Christmas Party.
Will catch up on those events next time.......bye til then...Jo Abigail  a fun sign off???ok

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