Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Events

Well...I need to say something about the month we're in which is January...and just how I am with the past week or so...actually...the 20th and 21st... in and at Volden Farm...both the barn and the house...EVENT...14 board members to decide those kind of board things and around yet the tables set up semi-near the loaded hot wood stove in the barn upstairs...two had slept in the barn bunks and 7 in the house...and 6 at another residence about 10 miles 7:am a kind board member started the wood stove and another plugged in 40 cups of coffee and put out the wake-up spread of Norse heart waffles and whipped cream and that I could start coffee and fire up the wood in the Pit...(the lingo is the Conversation Pit in case you have not been to this house) in the house. There was supper around the house tables around 7: then out to barn for discussion..then sleep...and about 10:45...brunch...around the tables again (lingo...two 55 inch tables designed on wheels so they could become only one table) the house. All the while temps hovered above zero...8 degrees and patiently rising reasonably. Making our January turn OK...I'm not even going to proof this batch of words...cause it would make me sad...I like to be known for very clever writing and this will cause my rating s to plummet which is just not me Goodbye...hopefully February will have cheerier whar ever...JoAnne

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